Analog is better…

March 25, 2015

디지털 디자인을 해오면서도 아날로그를 훨씬 애정하는 아이러니…흑.
해보고싶었던 문장을 타이포그라피 해보았다.
팬톤 작업은 아직 안했지만 프린트해서 작은 액자에 넣으려고…

디지털이 양적으로 풍부하다면, 아날로그는 양보단 질에 집중한 느낌적 느낌.
아날로그 감성이란 천천히 진심을 담았던 그때로 회귀하고 싶은 마음인 것 같다.
그래서 트렌드 역시 끊임없이 돌고 도는 것 아닐까.

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  1. Web Hosting says:

    I’m not going to argue that analog is, or will ever be more popular than digital. Or cheaper, or more convenient, easier to use, more durable or that analog will reverse male pattern baldness. Analog just sounds better than digital. Listening to a well-recorded LP, you hear humans making music; with digital it’s more about sound for sound’s sake.

  2. Web Hosting says:

    Accurate, high quality sound reproduction is possible with both analog and digital systems but in general it tends to be less expensive to achieve any given standard of technical signal quality with a digital system.

  3. jeina says:

    This’s not about just sound system, refers to a slow and emotional parts of analogue.

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